The GarliCur kit



The dermaroller consists of a row of individual needles at the head.There are 192 pieces in total: in 8 rows of 24 nails each with a length of 0.5 mm.


An integrated glass pipette is provided for easier removal of the serum.The content is sufficient for about 12 applications.


The brush has waterproof and durable bristles for easy use on wet hair. The bristles are intended to be between medium and hard.


The large cloth should be made of durable material and withstand multiple uses. Alternatively,smaller wipes could be used which are individually packed, as a disposable product.


The GarliCur set is applied in 6 steps:

1. Disinfection

Before use, the dermaroller must be thoroughly sterilised. The disinfectant included in the set is intended for this purpose.

2. Needling

Before starting the needling, the clothing must be well covered with a towel. Then roll the dermaroller over the area to be treated (about 5-8 times).

3. Serum

The next step is to apply the activating ingredients. Approx. 5 drops of the GarliCur serum are pipetted onto the cloth provided. Apply light to medium pressure over the previously treated needling area. The serum on the cloth is rubbed neatly onto the scalp.

4. Leave in

The active ingredient must now work for approx. 30min so that the active ingredients from B vitamins and growth-promoting minerals such as zinc and iron can unfold their effect.

5. Rinse

Afterwards, the treated area must be rinsed with warm water. Only water should be used. The application of shampoo should be avoided after the treatment.

6. clean

The dermaroller must be cleaned and sterilised again after use. Only when it is completely dry should it be returned to the sealable package.

Good to know

Things to know about the GarliCur Set

At least 8 treatments

To get an effect on hair growth, the application should be done at least 8 times. The treatment requires some patience until results become visible.

Skin redness

After application, sensitive skin may experience redness or slight bleeding. This can happen with microneedling. There is no need to panic.

Regeneration time

There should be about seven days between treatments. This gives the skin an extensive regeneration time to better process the active ingredients.

Use of high-quality materials

The components of the GarliCur set are made of high-quality materials. This is especially important for the production of the dermaroller. Microneedling is a mechanical process and the dermaroller is exposed to high stress.

Advantages of GarliCur


Effective treatment

Before & After Pictures

The treatment was carried out in self-test:

Left: before the treatment
Middle: during the treatment
Right: after the treatment

Area of application

GarliCur was developed to stimulate and promote the body's own hair growth rate. Accordingly, GarliCur can be used wherever the body's own hair growth is to be promoted. GarliCur also helps against constitutional hair loss, circular hair loss, ringworm or baldness.


Needling inflicts micro-injuries on the skin, which leads to better blood circulation. It is recommended to perform the treatment before going to bed. The treated areas are then exposed to less touch and come into contact with bacteria less frequently.

3D Visualizations


Property right

The following property right has been registered for the GarliCur product line:

Type of protection:GER word/figurative mark
Reference number: 30 2022 205 913.8
Date of registration: 08.02.2022

Mark: Word/figurative mark
Lead class: 03
Futher classes: 44

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